Monday 25 February 2013

Meme: Who would you have a one-to-one with?

Hi all.

Today is a blog linkup from the more emotional side of life. Inspired by the 18th anniversary of my mother losing her fight with cancer. Yes I do go on about it a lot but this year it hit me on the night before i wrote this.

I was stuck on things to say. but as asking friends what they think I had an idea. It's based on old phone adverts "who would you have a one-2-one with?" and it worked well for many here.

So I ask you all If you could have a one to one with one person in your life, you'll have 12 hours with them, then they have to go back to heaven/hell or even drifting away from your friendship again. I'm happy as long as your happy to talk about it.


Let's begin.

I'll spend my one to one with Mum. Yes. I'm a soppy fucker.

It would begin with taking the kids to school so the girls could show off their awesome nan! and while walking to the school they could talk in person, not just in spirit (she comes and sees the three kids a lot) and play about before school.

On dispatching of the kids I would take her to town, sit and talk, tell her more about TheJess and how we met and all the gossip before doing whatever she wants to while chatting and bonding some more along the way.
Eventually the day would pass and We'd go and pick the kids up so they could meet his awesome nan too.
At home I would show her the weird things I do on the internet, including the sweary stuff. I could do with a mothers telling off. That silly way to show they care would be fab!
Knowing time is running out I would cook a perfect meal of whatever she wanted and do what we should be doing. It would be manic but I hope I've done her proud for the day!
Sadly I know it'll be time to go, so. We hug kiss. Plead for a phone number or email to heaven and say my goodbyes wave her off and have another cry!

Well. That's my story. Tell me yours!

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