About Me.

Oh Hai! 

I'm Paul, the weirdo behind the blog you're visiting now. A very PR friendly weirdo. I'm a stay at home dad, full time carer, proud geek and cyclist who really shouldn't bite his nails.  This weirdo is also a mobile obsessed from the ages of Symbian to the high end droids of today. 

To contact me my email address is

Like being social? Well I'm the same sometimes. Here's my list of places I hang out, 

Facebook(soon), Instagram, Twitter, Molome , Google+
 And now for some of the media projects Me and the kids have contributed to. 

NHS Direct - ITN Productions
Natwest and Britmums - First Saver Accounts. 

We've been in the news too for some very random reasons!  
Movember Madness - Huffington Post - BBC 3 Counties Radio
More will be added here soon. 

We're also very proud to have worked with the following groups, brands and companies
Netmums in partnership with Youview and Humax
The Epic Team Honk,
The Natual History Museum's Mammoths: Ice Age Giants exhibition
And many, many more

Now for the more serious side of things. 
For parents going through Baby Loss, Miscarriage or infant death and want advice or help click on the link below or email me. 

Thanks for visiting