Monday, 25 May 2015

MusicMonday - Wakeup

If you've just realised half term is here something is wrong with you, or you're just too cool for school.

But with that it leaves lots of fun and games with the smalls, so for this week the lurgie can sod off and it's time to bounce, smile and be random!

With that I give you Don Diablo - Back to life, the perfect tune to shake your booty to while having fun.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Gift ideas for the Dad in your life.

Image Credit Mimiliz 

Hi all,

Over the last few weeks the kids have been looking forward to Fathers Day. A dedicated day where the humble dad gets to chill out, enjoy breakfast in be.. WHO AM I KIDDING?

Truth be told, we're ambushed at silly o'clock by the smalls armed with cards lovingly made at school or with Mum's help, told to get up for a present or two then demanded to get the breakfast on, with complaints at bacon or pancakes. Finally when everyone's eaten the presents come out.

With the girls whispers about the day It's made me wonder what gifts I would actually want and what I would give to my father if he was still with us. He was a picky moose, so this could be a challenge compared to me.

We'll start with the old man.
Let's see, you're typical bloke who smoked to much, eat lots of the wrong things and wasn't active enough.
Now many of these things could have been changed over time, but the one of most benefit initially would have been to concentrate on his smoking habits. It's one of the attributions to his passing, 10 years ago many of the products designed to help someone quit smoking were cumbersome and ineffective, only benefiting a smaller amount of people. Thankfully things have changed over the decade with electronic cigarettes becoming a useful tool for those wanting to quit, with some E-Cigs systems having variable contents of Nicotine to help people adjust and eventually quit smoking with far less dangerous chemicals in the process.

Now onto something I caused in part when younger, in one of his "lets get active" moments, Dad bought three cheap mail order bikes out of the paper  many many years ago. They were that cheap they fell apart quickly, new bikes would have been cheaper within a year. So, I would boot his backside and get him a bike, while not a high end model it would be something he could use and enjoy rather than swear about it falling apart if cared for.

Then I would have to guide him into tech by building him a capable computer, but it's main purpose being music creation. He's a Jack of all trades when it comes to his music but never seemed to do much with his clobber once he got out of the gig scene. With the new age of on-line music services available he could have had a far wider audience who could have appreciated his talents around the world, it could have been his second coming so to speak.

Now, Father aside, what would I want from my little trio of monsters, truth be told I don't really know.

If I got the chance it would probably be a relaxing day with nothing much to do and lots of time to do just that would be awesome. Bar sweets, as long as there's sweets of some sort I'll be a happy Dad, a happy Dad indeed.

If I was a lucky I'd hope for some new riding clothes, as long as it's not Lycra. In my shape you'd all need mind bleach, not a good sight you'll all agree.

What do you plan to get your Dad for Fathers day? Share it with us here and I'll add it into the post too.

Paul :)

This is a collaborative post

MusicMonday - Sun!

Hey up all and top of the morning to you all.

It's a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly leaving me with a happy bouncy mood, while blatting through town on two wheels. Suddenly this tune came on the iPod, a log forgotten tune to me and darnit my mind was blown. Back to summer when I was a child, do anything I wanted with my friends - Such a happy place for me.
I give you Modjo Vs Stardust - Lady, the music sounds better with you.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mashups: When UK Leaders have children together

Heya all,
Today it's that ever so crucial time of the year where we get to change history for the better or worse, depending on everyone's viewpoint. Remember though - if you have the chance to vote, do so as you lose your voice as a result.
And the more I look at the polls and the information being released by the media It's looking more and more like we'll see a Labour-Conservative coalition government this evening, while many are worried about this, many Brits are taking to social media to have a jolly good laugh at the expense of all the political parties, this being where I discovered some awesome images that have been produced by MyVoucherCodes,

The team have been very busy brainstorming, creating a hilarious series of mash-ups to show the world what would happen if our beloved [SIC] leaders found themselves in a politically fuelled romantic coalition on voting night, settled down and had children. The results to me are hilarious, making me me snort tea over my monitors, while I'm sure there'll be a few "kill it with fire" comments from others you tell me what you think.

Joking aside, according to the media, we are a country that seems pretty undecided on who they choose to vote for  with opinion polls looking pretty close neck and neck for both Labour and the Conservatives at the moment. All I ask from everyone is not to sit back and do nothing, we have a small voice and when that one voice joins others in unison we're not a squeaking Mouse we roar like a Tiger.
And to those who feel their vote is worthless, many feel the same but you can make the change by voting, we all live in this awesome country, no matter who your political influence, please go out and vote today.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Considering the Apple Watch for your kids?

Don't they have enough tech to play with?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Not quite countrykids Dad's solo ride

Evening all. 

During the Easter break the kids were away with the grandparents for a few days so I took advantage of the fine weather and took ShortyBike out for a smallish ride out of town, check on mum's grave prior to tidy up and see some of the places I used to hang as a child and see how they've changed over the last few years.

Starting with NCN Route 574 Dunstable Downs, a route I proudly sponsor with Sustrans, bringing with me finally having a bike capable of riding up one of the more technical hills that usually stifle me on certain parts. And with it, bringing perfect views over Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire on a somewhat smoggy day. Over the years they've added a multi use path on top of the downs to help make it accessible for more people, but beforehand it was packed full of little mud paths with fast paced fun for two wheels, when we were kids there were three paths. Easy, hard and stupid - with stupid being a sheer drop with only a few of us trying it without harm. Sadly our hangout there was demolished (the pyramid/toblerone building) to make way for the new gateway centre, from here we head off to Kensworth, also known as Canesworde in 1086. It's one of three villages I'll fleet through on this journey and the main stopping point, on cycling in the road access is pothole central so bear this in mind and you run the risk of fast cars and tractors on the country lanes. (I'll record a ride through the lane soon) Once your past the narrow section you find yourself immersed in quaint village life, calm and soothing, with clear views over the valley and visibility far exceeding the control tower of Luton Airport on good days. 

Eventually I get to my main destination, arrive at the Methodist Church, somewhere I spent a lot of my time when younger but recently spending less time there over the last few years.

While here I note what I need to do and bookmark bits and bobs in readiness for a tidyup, then offski for more riding, choosing a route I used as a child which lead to a fantastic surprise, discovering T.C. Feeds still has a sign my mother painted proudly displayed in their entrance, this and the fact the sun was finally poking out of the smog made the day even better. Following this road takes us to more places we played when younger, while some are no longer safe I had to pop in and have a look, even with bits hanging off them precariously, reminding me we were silly to play here then and I'm just as silly now! After this we pootle down Buckwood road, a fast lane sandwiched between Kensworth, Studham and the somewhat posh hamlet of Holywell and one of the most amazing hangouts of my youth, Studham Dell. (Not the one with the little blue man story) I'll be back here later for more pictures.
Zooming onto Whipsnade, a small village with a somewhat famous Zoo, tree Cathedral and a gorgeous pub, perfect for those riding rest stops, walks around the Cathedral visiting Dell Farm with the kids or lay on the village green and watch the clouds while listening to music or visiting, just a few of the things you can do here. But for now we scooch past Dell Farm onto Whipsnade Downs, part of the NT managed sites whisk us homeward bound. But not without the beautiful views across Aylesbury Vale on Bison Hill, from here on a good day you can see far across Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, also looking into the sky you can see the gliders soaring over, seeming to say hi.

Before I know it I'm back on the main road homeward bound, cruising at good speed over the main road before entering town. While kid free it was a jolly good blat and chill.

Check out more of my other journeys on Instagram later.

Paul :)

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Music monday

Evening all, It's Monday, meaning more musical madness from this fed up weirdo.

I'm in an utter grinch of a mood right now thanks to a few things, but the show must go on, and with no theme for today here's Stan SB Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix) (sorry I'm really not in the mood to explain why today but this put a smile on my grumpy face)