Wednesday 21 February 2018

New posts coming! Warning!

You're humble host the window licking weirdo!
I must warn my lovely followers now in advance the next few months the blog may take on a path that could seem darker and delve into the legal sides of parental separation, legal battles and advice to help those going through similar.
My main focus will be on the experiences I've had since 2015 and the trials and tribulations caused with this,

Some of the things we'll look into are as follows

  • Where to turn when things go sour
  • Support Options
  • The police are at my door. What next?
  • Do you need a lawyer Yes or No?
  • Do I have to fight in court for my children?
  • What rights do you have?
  • Social Services, Child Protection, CIN...WTF?
  • Clearing your name from false claims
  • What can you do if you're ignored?
Some of these topics will be hard to write about as in some cases they have bought me close to ending it all. But my children being the priority I've kept fighting for them, so may take a while but It'll help me to tell my story and hopefully support others going through the same


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