Monday 27 March 2017

Where have you been?

Hi all.

I still can't say too much but we split up (not a word) and I'm trying to sort out child arrangements. (in short my ex is keeping my kids away from me so i'm seeking legal action - it's sad but i still wish her the best despite the way she's treated me)

This has been ongoing for a while now but taking a lot longer than anticipated - so for now I'm going to get back into blogging again but with a few changes.

  • The kids won't be on here much for the foreseeable future until it's all sorted. 
  • I will post when I can - but I don't have dedicated internet at present
  • there are geeky projects I'm working on to help improve myself and give my children a better life. 
  • And maybe a girlfriend in the mix too. 
  • I'm moving soon - well if the property is ever finished
As for things like imwellconfused radio - this is still on hold due to lack of internet but we have dedicated mixing gear now and pc/transmission tools coming for when I can afford internet again. (also training to improve my DJ skills)

But for now I'll be back and blogging more over the next few months.

For now - Chat soon and be safe

Paul from IWC

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