Thursday 28 February 2013

The I Can Chatterbox Challenge

Monday was an amazing day for me and Lissy. We we're lucky to be invited to the chatterbox challenge tea party, organised by I Can, the children's communication charity.

We arrived about 30 mins late (thanks arrivabus!) But just in time to hear a talk from I Can's Communication advisor, Jon Gilmartin, who came to explain the hard work I Can do with children I won't like but the facts  shocked me a bit. 1 in 10 children have difficulties in communicating clearly, meaning there is usually two or three children with difficulties in each class. amounting to at least 1 million children in the UK with difficulties. Including our own Lissy. She is the reason this is important to me!
Jon also explained how I Can's chatterbox challenge is in it's 12th year now and the charity itself is now 125 years young. An excellent achievement for an amazing charity.
We received literature to give to schools and nurseries inviting them to join in with the Chatterbox challenge. And while I've passed mine to our nursery/foundation class. I would love it if you could invite your nursery or group to join in by registering on the chatterbox challenge website

After Jon had spoke to us both parents and children got on the floor and played with Harriet from Boogie Mites. All the children loved it. and some of the parents had fun too.

Here is one of many videos from the chatterbox challenge picnic, There are many more on the
I Can Youtube channel 

Once the children had been worn out by Harriet (nice work there by the way) Humf came to say hello. Offering hugs high fives, and made all the children smile.

I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge, sponsored by Openreach and supported by Humf, is for children aged 0-5 years to develop their communication skills whilst raising money for those who struggle. For more information and to register for your nursery, group school, go to

I have the pleasure of announcing I Can is one of Balls Of Steel's chosen charities for this year. We are to choose one charity as usual but more information will be released soon.

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