Monday 26 January 2015

Music monday - change

Well it's that time of the week - Music Monday

I was going to choose a theme but decided against it purely out of laziness today. That said the track I chose has it's own theme in a way, but for now I can't speak about it. (I keep you so out of the loop, there are reasons I assure you)

Take what you want from it - tell me your tune, it could be featured here too!

I'll be truthful with you now, this track I discovered on the white label scene many moons back - while the vinyl went missing years ago and many things changed it's still ripped on the hard disc and stacked on the phone, ipod, virtualDJ setup ready for a blast and a blat when the mood deems fit.

The tune is: 3rd Core - Mindless and Broken MJ Cole Mix

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