Wednesday 31 December 2014

The Larry Lizard book review #DaddyReads

Well it's the final Daddy Reads post of the year and to go off with a bang with the first in a new series of Little Mouse Bedtime Stories. With the first book named Larry Lizard by author, Alison Murtough and illustrations by Chris Jaffe. 

Now Larry is a Lizard who becomes a wizard one stormy night by counting his way through the thunder and lightning, while counting shapes he grows fond all shapes, especially Hexagons. While it may sound a bit different it's not a bad read, but it's well worded and pulls the kids in 

The book is very brightly illustrated and Chris Jaffe has done a spectacular job here and both girls loved the artwork throughout the book and I agree with them, it's lovely. And to show the book off we've uploaded this for your pleasure. I make no apologies for these somewhat hyper but tired children in this clip!

On speaking to both girls after they'd had a sleep Lissy told me she loved the book and all the pictures, asking me to read it over and over whereas Vee loved the story but she felt there was a lack of describing words in the story but she's been on a mission to pick out words left right and centre, I prefer this to a tablet/video game staring zombie.

To wrap up, being the first in a new series of books it's off to a great start in what looks to be an exciting series of bedtime stories that I'll be more than happy to purchase more once the next books in the series are published.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of Larry Lizard It's available here in digital and print and for more info on the Little Mouse Bedside Stories series click here.


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