Monday 26 May 2014

The Mr Nutcase Review Part 2 - The Case

This is part two of a two part review for part one click here

The delightfully happy postman dropped off the case we've been waiting for from Mr Nutcase today, I'm impressed with how quickly it took and the quality. The best way to show it off is via video again!

I'm really impressed with the print quality and the colour reproduction of this case, on top of this the printing process gives the device a rough feeling in the hand, making for a more textured experience and a bit more grip too. While it's not a TPU case it's hard plastic will no doubt take a fair few knocks before the phone would. I do wish there was a slight bit more top and bottom protection with the case but we can't have it all!

TheJess is ecstatic with her case and I've had tonnes of  thumbs up from her about it so it makes it a roaring success in my eyes! Don't forget if you want a Custom Iphone, Samsung, Nokia phone or tablet case drop MrNutcase a line! 

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