Tuesday 20 May 2014

The Mr Nutcase Review Part 1 - Ordering

Hi all.

A few weeks back we received an email from phone and tablet custom case manufacturers Mr Nutcase to see about a review we jumped onto it like tigger on a big bounce!

Mr Nutcase has a wide selection of the most popular phone cases available, with everything from Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry to iPhone custom cases they have it all for the major manufacturers, including many budget devices too. It was quite refreshing to see so many models supported, I'd like a bit of love for the Alcatel or Mobile carriers OEM Devices but I understand that's not always possible.

Why two part I hear you say! Well it's simple, I've just ordered the case now so it's best to explain how the ordering process went to you all without wake up fuzzybrain tomorrow, plus I'm an idiot who may forget to do write this bit otherwise.

On visiting the site you're presented with a friendly site with an easy to follow interface and clear, but stern instructions and warnings along the way so you don't make any mistakes. The only two complaints I have are the page layout, at a screen resolution of 1280 by 1024 i have to scroll down a lot to change the lower settings. additionally I dislike clip art. It reminds me of the (crashtastic) good old days of Office 95...... Thankfully there is not a lot of clip art so it's something many will not play with. I think so far that's the only complaint, but I bet some people like it. Talking on here about it is one thing but seeing an order placed is better. so I've actually filmed me creating an order for you to see how easy it is. The case you see here is the case we'll be reviewing in the next 24-48 hours or so. I'm in the good books with the wife too now, thanks Mr Nutcase.

The ordering process was simple and easy. As long as you understand how images work and understand placement at certain times to avoid camera, speaker and button cut-outs on crucial points on your case all will be fantastic. For image editing in a simple fashion, Paint in windows7 may be able to help or free software the Gimp could do the job splendidly well.

So far Mr Nutcase have done well in my eyes. We'll see how the case comes through and how much theJess likes it when the case arrives.

What sort of case would you order?


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