Friday 2 October 2015

The Filofax Holborn iPad Air Case Review

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I was approached by the lovely people at Filofax to review a case for my tablet, as I've been a fan of Filofax products for many years I jumped at the chance.

On measuring my tablet up we agreed on the Holborn iPad Air case as the closest fit in the range and the one that caught my attention, however my tablet was disappointingly half inch too small for the mount, this was my fault for not measuring properly.

The Holborn case is one of the higher end tablet cases Filofax offer to keep your tablet safe and protected while offering huge versatility with the pockets and compartments to store paperwork, business cards or similar and also comes with an A5 ruled notepad with micro-perforated pages and a pen holder keeping you covered for input both digital and analogue.

Complementing the case's function is a 360 rotating mount for your device with a solid high quality feel to both the casing and the swivel base and for protection, the beautifully crafted case comes complete with svelte touches like the clip to hold the zipper to the case with both form and function.

For those craving film time while on the go the swivel mounting folds out into a stand and works exceptionally well and feels stable, when testing on the train yesterday it held up really well to our bumpy line.

Despite my device not fitting I used the case for the two weeks and found it more than functional for daily use, finding a perfect place for my bus and train smartcards and were read easily through the case without having to remove them, and while traveling the Holborn case fits perfectly into my Cybher satchel with plenty of space for my extended battery, USB cable and other oddities.

In conclusion the Filofax Holborn iPad Air Case is a perfect companion for those out and about giving perfect protection from the elements for your device and paperwork from day to day and offers all the function and style we've come to love from Filofax making this a perfect choice.

Don't have an iPad? Filofax have you covered too with a vast range of cases available.

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