Wednesday 9 September 2015

Join the Keech Disco Starwalk

Hi all
This Saturday it's one of the communities most colourful and awesome charity events - The Keech 2015 Star

This year's theme is Disco and we're ready for an awesome overnight party loaded with 70's funk, 90's ravers (big up exodus/Leviticus) and 00's dance. With this we're looking for more marshalls and ladies to join up to make the event bigger, better and turn luton into a 10 mile discotheque!

Click here to sign up and join the fun - Registration is £15 and includes an awesome goody bag.

This years Star Walk is fast approaching and we need marshals to help keep the route safe and to cheer the ladies on who are taking part

I have decided to organise the marshals in a different way this year in order for it to run more efficiently with marshals being in place before the ladies set off

Would you be able to spare a few hours on Saturday 12th September, the walk starts at 22.30 so Marshals will need to be in place (you will be given an exact location) for 22.00 in order for all the route to be covered, the complete logistics of the night haven’t been finalised yet but I would like for all areas to be manned and then when you see then sweeper walkers come through (they will be identifiable) you can then go home

To Marshall with us: Call Keech on 01582 492339, or come to Barnfield College, New Bedford Rd, Luton LU2 7BF and tell them you heard from Imwellconfused or Paul Hooker (just so I know people saw the post)

Thanks for your help - Paul!

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