Thursday 26 March 2015

The Big 5 Meme – Lessons from me to the smalls.

Big5Meme at Mummy from the Heart

Good evening

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about the things I could teach the kids. Be it lessons, advice, or simple things to make life happier. While doing the best for them is my priority it's not always black and white, that would be too easy! Call it philosophical genius or sheer luck but the beautiful Michelle at Mummy from the heart has launched the Big 5 Meme with the subject being Life lessons you want your kids to learn, I was tagged by the lovely Anya from Older Single Mum.

We live in a confusing world, one that tells our youth at one point they have to do one thing to become good citizens of the principality and a few years later the goal posts change again giving them a set of some what unreachable goals in life.
If you then factor in the way the media is used to promote unhealthy body image, sexual suggestiveness with a hint of peer pressure on top of little gender equality and ever changing goals it's no wonder so many children are confused, depressed or plain unsure what's the best course of action for them to take in their lives.

1: You are beautiful, no matter what
We live in a world where beauty products skincare and other oddities are thrust upon young people telling them they are nothing without said clothes, phone, or makeup. After all they need you to make them money by tricking you to want these things. On that note your body is yours, there are many like it and none are perfect, some have wobbly bits, some have less wobbly bits, some have hair in places and some don't. No matter the type of body be yourself as you're beautiful no matter your sex, sexuality or abilities you are amazing!

2: Don't be afraid to speak out when something is wrong.
If something is wrong, please, PLEASE don't think it's stupid to tell me, it's far from stupid even if it's something you've caused. Telling us the problem and what we can do to help and we'll be there, even if it causes absolute chaos we're here for you. We promise you that.

3: Never stop believing in love.
This is input from the lovely lady - when you grow into teens and young adults you'll no doubt fall in love. Truth be told love is a certainty for most people, while I hope you don't get hurt it's bound to happen but it's no reason to give up on love me you'll not give up on love - it's not a fun place to be, trust me on that, keep a smile in your heart and it'll stay with you no matter what.

4: Understand money
Money can be an evil thing that can take over your life, while we all need money for essentials please please be careful as money services that seem friendly can make you lose control of your finances, with disastrous consequences if not sorted. I'm not the best with money I'll tell you now but I try my best to guide you where I can.

5: Education is important!
While it may seem fun and games now but It gets harder the longer you go through it. The time your in education got considerably longer last year (they upped the age to 18 - a good thing in my eyes.) to try and help everyone get somewhere in life. I believe in all three of you, no matter the outcome of your grades we'll stand by you and help and support you wherever we can

5a: Believe in you!
While this is a side comment I have to say this, many of these lessons all come down to believing in yourself. This alone is one of the most important thing you can ever do, to value yourself and believe in the things you do or say can fill you with pride or passion to stand up for what you deem important. It may not be easy all the time and you may doubt those beliefs at time but, like love don't discard those beliefs,

I tag the lovely Cookie Jar Life  and everyone else who wants to join in :)



  1. This is beautiful Paul. Thanks for joining in. Your first point kind of slapped me round the face! Excellent points :)

    1. Thank you Anya. The first point was added as I see this as a huge problem and do worry it's a corruption of innocence and subtly conditioning children for things they shouldn't be experimenting with at a young age. :D

  2. Lol that you sneaked in a 5a! Yes Paul you've captured some goodies there and you are right it is so important our children understand they are beautful no matter what and learn to accept themselves. Mich x