Monday 16 March 2015

Good Morning all #MusicMonday #Catchup

Well as the title says, hello you lovely people. I trust you are all well?

It's been one of the roughest few weeks here at Imwellconfused Towers all thanks to the Lurgie, knocking four out of five of us, with the worst affected being Daddy and Lissy, while illness is normal it's heartbreaking to see your child looking glum, feeling glum and there's nothing daddy can do. Bar trailering her to the emergency doctors three times in a row. Thankfully she's recovering and normality (ha!) shall resume.

Anyway - I do have something to tell you all. No, not I'm running off with the milkman! But it's a project I'm working on that has me excited.

Imwellconfused present our latest project. The £15 Repair Challenge, where we take an old unloved kids bike destined for scrap and turn it into a somewhat loved and shiny bike for £15

I won't say too much just yet as we're in the planning stages on how this will work out, including video and photos for blogposts as part of a mini series for YouTube.

On top of this we'll be filming more of our two wheeled trips in the future thanks to our new mini HD  720p camera, with a few more to order for the girls bikes too for the action packed rides and days out we use the bikes or other awesome things. Also in my case it'll be used as a cover your back tool when cycling on the road.
For now there's not much more to say as it's been a mad day but I'll include my MusicMonday as I can't be bothered to scribe another post right now.

It's going to match my strange but happy mood right now with Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
(oh and the comment "Holy David Bowie tribute Batman" made my chuckle somewhat in a deranged fashion!)

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