Monday 22 September 2014

The Pro-Tect Home alert review Pt1

Hi all,

over the last few weeks I've been reviewing the new Pro-Tect Home alert intruder alarm system, with the initial thought on doing a two post review, however on trying to write this post it became clear I'll re-visit it in the next week or two but this post is my first thoughts tied in with the fact I've been using it for just over a month now. Let's get to it! 

The Home alert system is an easy to install wireless home security product which comes in multiple configurations which can be expanded at any time you deem fit to do so with up to 18 devices on a single hub, these configurations include panic buttons, medical assistance pendants, smoke detectors and more all with 24 hour assistance on hand from NSI's gold monitoring service, that alone sounds like a good thing. Let's hope I never have to find out, unless we compose an experiment!

If you excuse the somewhat messy kitchen side and slightly failsome tripod position I've taken the time to unbox this bad boy on camera for you.

The configuration of Pro-Tect Alarm system I was sent for review is the same as the retail Home Alert System comes with the following

1 x Pro-Tect alarm system hub

2 x Intruder alarm Control Fob / Panic Button

2 x Burglar alarm Motion Detectors and fixings*

1 x Intruder alarm Door Contact and fixings*

1 x Telephone Cable

1 x Mains Cable

1 x Double Telephone Connector and ADSL Filter

Additionally you also get both screws, wall plugs and sticky pads for versatility and batteries for system hub backup, motion detectors, keyfobs and door contact sensors.

In my opinion the instructions are onto a winner already here with clear and concise installation instructions and essential registration and warranty documentation to make installation and paring a breeze thanks to the clear instructions.

Now let's look at the system itself.

The hub is a white and translucent plastic device with an attractive orange logo on top of it, the translucent portion of the hub hides the status LED's. Underneath houses the backup battery compartment and control/volume buttons. While the rear of the hub houses the power and telephone jacks.

The telephone jack could be confusing as the device has what seems to be an Ethernet jack, but also connects to a UK telephone line with no problems,

I asked my daughters what they thought of the hub and in their own words "It's cute dad, can we play with it?" Usually I find their enthusiasm for tech a scary thing but for them to think it's cute means Pro-Tect have done a good job in designing the Hub as many would assume it's just a funky broadband router, I've been asked by my father in law why we have two routers next to each other. Which also means it would fit in many homes without looking like a security system.

The Keypad is a simple arrangement with Out, In, Panic and Sleep buttons, to operate them you hold the required button down for two seconds to prevent you from sitting on the fob and triggering the alarm. This in itself is a good call but can be a pain if you don't realise you have to hold it down.

The PIRs and door sensors all work as you'd expect them to and do a fine job too.

The Pro-Tect Home Alert system on a whole has a very impressive and versatile feature set nestled within a small package, especially with the easy setup and additional expansion via pairable add-ons mean to me it's perfect for smaller and larger homes and flexible around the needs of the home owner and residents.
ut most were easily sorted by contacting Pro-Tech's support team. What I did find very refreshing with their tech team is how happy they are to say if they find a problem and fix it, I'll get on to the reasons behind this in the next post but it satisfied me as a whole with the company and the product.

I'm going to leave the review here for now as I have lots to talk about in part two including technical details and demonstrating how the system works in greater detail and I'll even simulate a panic alert to see how the monitoring works while recording.

The way things are going it will be up in the next week or two

Meanwhile if you have an questions about the system please let me know and I'll do my best to respond to them all, and If I'm unsure of the answer I'll ask Pro-Tect Directly.


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  1. Was there ever a pt2? It's a system I'm considering.