Thursday 18 September 2014

Dial A Smile with Bravery Boxes.

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evening all.

Not all of you would have heard of Bravery Boxes, I admit until a few months back I hadn't either. But thanks to some amazing ladies organised a bravery box or two for Blog On MOSI I discovered how special and important the boxes can be.
This month they want our help. It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month* and to coincide with this special month the Bravery Boxes team set up #DialASmile, a clever and fun fundraiser
without getting wet icy or like me use recycled ice from a fish counter! I smell FRESH! ;)

  ensuring a child who's scared of a treatment or painful procedure will have their spirits lifted by a small treat. I hear the whoopee cushions and nail varnish are highly desired and appreciated. While it's a pocket money treat it's usually enough to bring cheer to those little people who need it the most.

For those who don't know, Bravery Boxes is a small charity that helps children with cancer get through some of the toughest and most painful times. By giving a child with cancer a treat from the 'Bravery Box' when they have to have an unpleasant procedure such as having a cannula or feeding tube put in, in the hope to turn their tears in to smiles.
It was started by a mum whose son was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening brain tumour.  She could see how distressed he became when he had to have injections, blood tests and a myriad of other scary things, so she started to come prepared for these ordeals.
After any kind of unhappy experience she would give her son a little gift or prize for being brave.  The idea spread and she started raising money to fill a box so all the children on the ward could benefit.  They proudly provide boxes for the paediatric oncology units at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge, and Alder Hey in Liverpool.
It really does work!! Staff and parents tell the Bravery Box volunteers all the time what a superb idea it is and how much difference it makes to the children.

Now while I hope they'll consider bringing the bravery boxes to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital I want to help them so they can possibly help more brave children in the future. This is where I need your help,

The parent blogging community have rallied together to help Dial those smiles and raise money to help bring more Bravery Boxes into hospitals and raise more smile for those who need them the most.

To do this we ask if you could do like the rather dashing (Phwoar) Steve Backshall from CBBC's Deadly 60 has done and share a smile with the world, asking people to donate £2 and share the smiles around the world.

To donate by Mobile phone text: GRIN02 £2 to 70070
or visit the Bravery Box website 

For those who can't afford to donate I do appreciate you taking time to read this and I truely understand how many of us out there have very little income and understand to many even £2-3 is a lot of money when you've only got a small amount to live on. All I ask from you lovely people is to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or even blog about it or Tumblr it if you can

Add my photos tomorrow, if you want to add a selfie please do and I'll link to it!

Paul :D

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