Friday 12 September 2014

The ultimate 80's night thanks to The O2!

Eh up!

Over the last few weeks we've been trying to plan a night out for a group of parents at the school. A way for us all to get to know each other better and have some fun without the kids, while it sounds like bliss it's not been easy to get this far with most of us unable to decide on when would be best for us all, trust me. That can be a problem when there's a large group to organise

80's flasher - Photo Credit - Derek Key
Creative commons license (CC BY 2.0)
Where we live has some fantastic transport links to the rest of the country, so we've decided to take the party out to the city that never sleeps, London. With it's vast array of restaurants, seedy back streets in Soho, some amazing places to party and the blessing (or regret depending on how you see it) that is the night buses for the inevitable chance of missing the last tube back to your homeward bound station. To me, it's one of the most vibrant and weird cities in the world with more to offer than most towns throughout the UK.

We've got everything planned out so far, we've booked an entire floor of a fancy restaurant and getting from place to place is all sorted. However we are missing one thing. where would we go after the restaurant? We'll need somewhere to party that night, after all. It's useless to spoil yourself in town without making it a fantastic night to remember. Me and my friend K have been racking our brains on this as we couldn't work out that best to do, When the radio station we were listening to decicded to blast 80's classics out one after another. In a true light bulb moment we decided to turn it from a school parents party to an 80's night, just without the spandex, Frankie Says relax T-Shirts and Shell suits. While funky and retro I'd prefer not to be spontaneously combustible from merely walking down the road thanks.

Now we did have one other problem to sort here, how we could make the evening a proper 80s bash? We went online and searched suitable venues and called many of them to find the were last years events. To be fair, the odds on finding a bar or club with an 80's theme near our restaurant without travelling miles out became a struggle until I heard a whisper from a friend about a special guest who was coming to The O2 around the same time we were in the City.  That was it, with much squeeing and swooning from both ladies and gents we're getting our hands on some Culture Club Tickets this week to see them at The O2. I really wanted to tweet the fabulous Boy George and ask him if we could all sneak in with him, but I'm sure he's recently unfollowed me on twitter - Sad but true, Come back lovely!!And the cherry on the top is Alison Moyet supporting too! It'll be fantastic, two amazing groups to tick off my bucket list.

If you were to join us on this amazing night out what would you wear and how loud would you be?

This post is published in collaboration with The O2

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