Tuesday 23 September 2014

Silly Daddy moment - Maths

I'll admit now this is a silly moment post and also My name is Paul and I suck at mathematics and really, REALLY suck at reading emails.

I've been working with both the school and local parent support teams to help support my children get on in their education in whatever way I can possibly do. While discussing ways to help it was mentioned there was a local course to enable parents to understand the way children do Mathematics in school. I assumed it was a one or two day short session and thought no more about it. This was my fatal flaw.

I was emailed the information, forgot to look at it despite flagging it for checking over and still forgt about it, including the date of the course.

Roll on to today and I recieve a message saying the course starts at 1PM, this is no problem as the day was a bit lazier than normal, then the silly moment come around.

"Welcome to this five week course on....."  Well bugger me, that'll teach me to check my flippin emails.

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