Tuesday 23 September 2014

Upcoming review Doogee DG300 phone

Evening all

Very soon I'll be getting my hands on the Doogee DG300, it appears to be a bit of a clone of the Samsung Galaxy s4, with a lot cheaper specs.

I'm awaiting it to arrive from china any day now (Amazon, free UK shipping many assume means ships from the UK, not SHIPS FROM FECKING HONG KONG!! Especially when the trader has a valid UK Tax registration number - be more clear on that! Free Shipping from HONG KONG would be better wording.)

The image above is what it should look like. We'll see soon. But I do want to say now. I won't be trusting the charger as it's probably the cheapest part of the whole package, but will tear said charger down in the future to see how safe it is and possibly send it to Dave jones on the EEVBLOG or Mike from Mikes Electrical stuff to see if it would pass their scrutany or minimal UK or Australian standards  (here's hoping)

I'll also be doing an unbox video if I get time too, but this is going to be a daily driver until December when I can upgrade (I can do so now but want to wait for christmas deals from Vodafone!) Also my Ascend G300 is kaput thanks to EMMC issues (thanks Hynix) and out of warranty! oh well!

My thoughs coming up soon!


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