Sunday 15 June 2014

Introducing #TogetherDay

**Advisory - Contains the odd swear!***
**Also this is aimed at both Dads and Mums!**

Hey Guys!

Dads, fathers, stepfathers, maaaates! This one's to you, a week before Fathers day because.. well. Fuck that's not important I just wanted to speak to you all ok! Now we've got that cleared up let's get to the point before I swear some more, and I feel more brewing *doh!*

You may not even know it, but thank you! Just thank you. Not only have you stepped up and become a role model to a small person but you've stuck at it even when the shit turns ugly, life gets you down or even your angels decide a 70 minute screaming session is in order!

Now for many the day will be full of pampering and smiles if you're lucky! Sadly for a fair few dad's this won't be the case though, and before you close the tabs, sadly this could happen to any parent. So please don't leave this post just yet!

If you were to become a single parent now would you cope with the chance of not seeing your child as much as you'd like, or not seeing them at all because of post relationship tensions. Sadly this happens and while in some cases there are legal reasons why restrictions have to be put into place sometimes this is not the case and Dad( or Mum) are left with no or very little contact with their children.

On top of this some parent's won't get a fathers day hug with their children due to more tragic circumstances. Babyloss, be it miscarriage, illness or complications it happens too often and can hurt just as much, especially on Mothers and Fathers day!

Then for our children to some it's a terribly crap day as they may have a lost one or both parent's (as such in my case)
I know many who hate the days for all these reasons. However, this Fathers Day I want to try and make a difference show people a glimmer of hope, or just be there for people on the run up to Fathers Day, and again Mums you can get involved here too!

It's called #TogetherDay and it's designed to try and make fathers day more about everyone, not just dad's
Irrespective of your colour, nationality, religion, gender (prop's to the MX out there) or sexuality Everyone has the chance to be someone special to a child, let's honour everyone!

For those who feel they don't do enough for their children (but probably do - trust me here on this),
for those who feel they've let their child down, for those who want to hug their child one more time but can't, for those who don't know where their child is due to family disputes, for everyone we'll be here to support you!

I'll be looking for a few people to help me here, not a lot will be needed, just a twitter or facebook account or even the ability to comment on blogs.

Everyone is important, everyone is special, and while anyone can have a child it takes a special person to be a parent or to influence a child's life for the benefit of the child. Thanks to those who do this every day without recognition!

So this Fathers day let's join together for a cuppa and have a good day, even if you're feeling worse for wear!


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