Tuesday 17 June 2014

Infographic: Cyclist safety in Bike Week

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As it's Bike Week 2014, I'll be posting a few posts through the week to celebrate all things two wheeled, and today's post is aimed at road safety, with thanks to fellow cyclists and London solicitors, Osbornes we've teamed up together to share some statistics about cyclist safety in a neat infographic. If you are a road user some of these may be of surprise to you. And I promise you now it's not just motorists to blame here too, both motorists and cyclists can be both as bad and need to take more responsibility for their actions. With huge props to the motorists who look out for other road users even if they can be morons at times. 

 Personally some of these figures are no surprise to me they highlight one important thing. Both motorists and cyclists need to be educated on how to handle the roads themselves and how to interact around traffic, educating in this way could reduce accidents and reduce tensions on the roads between all users and above all else if you muck up, or worse cause an accident, apologise, try and work out who's to blame and pass details over, if the victim of a hit and run please speak to the police. 
I'm currently building the foundations on a new local cycle group in my local area with Sustrans for those who want to ride but are not as confident but the main hurdle I've got to beat is the sheer amount of people who are worried to cycle alone on the roads due to the risks, and CTC statistics back this up. In instances like this I hope we can broaden the LCC's Space For Cycling campaign to a nationwide initiative, bringing key changed whilst making infrastructure easier to use for all. C'mon LCC spread out the space for cycling love around the UK, there's plenty of cyclists and motorists alike willing to work together with you. After all, this is not just for us, it's for the future road users too, including your children and my children too. 

If you'd like more information on the infographic above, take a click here to Osbornes website, a group who are keen cyclists and want to help push changes through for all to share the roads together.  

Tomorrow we'll be talking about doing the school run with a bike an trailer,

How would you like to see infrastructure changed for the better, be it better roads, separation for cyclists or even more disability friendly pathways, anything? Let us know and we'll be happy to add these. 


Disclosure: This post has been published in collaboration with Osbornes Solicitors LLP, 

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