Tuesday 17 June 2014

Me and #MySight don't get on!

Good morning y'all! 

I want to talk to you a bit about what sight means to me and how it could have been so different if I was not young! 

I must have been about 7 years old and playing with friends in the playground, back in the days you could rough house with your friends without the teachers being too worried and the red tape police spoiling it for everyone! I remember it was a glorious day, a friends grandfather used to bring us all ice pops at lunchtime as a treat, naughty but heck yeah! Awesome stuff! 
Now before I go off on a tangent I was playing by the concrete benches with my toy digger truck (again 'elf and safety would have pooped themselves at this now I guess) I'd bought from home and remember a mate being upset as I wouldn't share, he didn't like this one little bit, grabbed a handful of dirt from the drain gutter launching it straight at my face and into my eyes. From that day my eyes were scratched and it was only thanks to my eyes developing and the assistance I got that my eyes work, albeit somewhat blurry without the pint glasses on me face! If I'd not been taken to Accident and Emergency and dealt with by the NHS finest it could have been a somewhat grizzly story. After tonnes of treatments, eye washes, an eye patch and a mix of meds the eyes healed pretty nicely, while it meant I have to hear glasses for the long run it's all good. I've still got it, despite looking like an innocent, chubby munchkin. (Hello ladies....)

At that age I didn't understand how lucky we were to have the NHS and boy do I now, but many people don't have a local doctor on their side to call on for help, but for many it can be worse as the idea of local to them is a 20+ mile walk each way and once they get to the clinic it's still a gamble with low odd's that you'll see a medical professional.

It may sound like I'm over dramatising things here but I wish I was, considering that 80% of all blindness could be prevented or cured it becomes a worrying prospect, especially when the vast majority of people who need help live in some of the poorest countries in the world will go untreated meaning many people will go blind unnecessarily, although prevention can be cheap, as cheap as 7p - 35p for annual antibiotic doses, and straightforward eye surgery costing between £8 - £28 each. This is where SightSavers asks you for help, could you spare some money to help towards helping people regain their sight, If so. You are awesome, Click here to visit the SightSavers Website for more information on what 7p a day can do for those around the world less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you

If you had the means to help and do help, please tell us how it made you feel to be able to help?

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  1. Gosh Paul what a horrid thing to happen....thanks so much for highlighting this fab campaign!