Sunday 4 May 2014

Charity even idea!

I'm getting more and more fustrated with cancer research uk. Yes the work they do is fantastic but a large amount of fundraisers seem to be aimed at ladies. Now before people jump on me I've already discussed this in the past and since this they bought in the Dryathlon....... I'm not making this shit up people.

Now the emphasis on this is to donate what you'd drink on a night out throughout a month. Good plan but at the start of the year everyone is skint and the event was mainly aimed at men in my opinion. It probably was meant to be an all are welcome but the ad's were more blokey again in my opinion.

What annoys me here is cancer affects everyone, so events should be more unisex in my eyes, even race for life but seeing as my recent request to talk to someone at CRUK was ignored. However if CRUK wants to talk please say so and I'll happily pop in and have a chat, explain my grievances and why i feel race for life needs to change!

Now I've had an idea for an event for a cancer charity. It may already have been done in the UK but the Aussies seemed to do this and it works well but we need to do more. a
s most people think cancer charities concentrate on things like breast cancer compared to other cancers even some in men.

Google trends highlights this well too!

The idea I've stolen from the Aussies is a Pink ribbon event, as it seems ubiquitous in the world with cancer let's use the pink ribbon to our advantage.
In Australia the Pink Ribbon Motorcycle ride in Sydney is a huge ride for motorcyclists. However my idea is to get others to join in as not everyone can ride a motorbike. for an example of this watch the video below.

Cyclists, walkers, motorcyclists and motorists all team up. 4 different routes, all meeting at one point in a bid to raise money for research into cancer. Be it CRUK, Macmillan or other Cancer charities or alternatively all funds split between multiple respite care hospices.

I'm no expert on rasing charity events bar balls of steel, so if anyone has any input on organising something on this kind of scale please drop me a line and I'm happy to chat and work out the best course of action or if it's even feasible. (yeah, I'm a n00b at something on this level)


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