Monday 5 May 2014


Today I've been thinking of my mothers final resting place, especially the resting places of others near her.

I don't go up a lot as it saddens me to see some of the graves in a poor state, where peoples graves are overgrown, unloved and in some cases none of the family live nearby or too busy to tend to family graves. Sadly it happens as I know this too well as I too struggle to manage time to get down there (without sounding like an cretinous arse but life's been more hectic since Christmas and I can't wait for it to slow down a bit!)

However today I decided I should speak to the villages who see the church daily as it's on the main strip through the entire village. I didn't know who to approach on this as I want to do things in a legal manner here as I'm unsure if there are any rules or regulations on graveyards. I know when I used to mow Whipsnade Churchyard with my brother we were to avoid graves at all costs.

Luckily the local spotted page has been helpful here and we've already had one offer of help, which could filter to other members of the community over the week which would be great if a few of us could work together here.

So thanks to the people who first created Spotted groups on Facebook! It's been a great help and in many cases brings communities together!


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