Friday 28 February 2014

The Paediasure Vanilla review #Spon

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My youngest Lissy is a fussy little monster when it comes to food and always has been, some of this stems to me as I'm also fussy but try not to be in front of the kids, especially knowing how it can influence them on what they eat and drink. So when we were invited to try PaediaSure shake by the Netmums team we jumped on board, curious to see if we can curb our youngest's fussy streak, which seems to be getting larger in recent times.

For those wondering, Paediasure Shake is a nutritious shake for the more fussy of eater to help support them adding nutrients they may be missing from their eating habits, some of these are pretty crucial to our children's future growth and development.
"PaediaSure Shake is a food supplement containing essential nutrients, providing balanced nutrition to help support parents during their child’s fussy eating phase. PaediaSure Shake is formulated to support growth and development in children who are generally well"

Additionally, the Paediasure Fussy Eater website has worked tirelessly to create a 12 week plan to help beat the fussy eating gremlins. Paired with the shake it can help children aged 1-10 years old go from refusing to eat to an improvement. I've not had the shake 12 weeks but we have given it a go with the plan and aim to resume again shortly once we order some of the additional flavours. Why we've stopped the plan for the moment should become clear further down the page.

PaediaSure Shake is available in three flavours – vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, we were sent the vanilla shake. On opening the tin it has a nice vanilla smell. Adding five scoops of the powdered solution into 190ml of water and mixing well it's ready to drink. On passing it to Lissy she gave it a smell and told me it "smells like vanilla!" She then took a big gulp and gave a pause, the kind of unsure pause that seconds feel like minutes, she tries it again and tells me with a thumbs down "Dad. I don't like this it tastes yucky."

I tried it to see what the problem was. Initially it tasted pleasant, not too thick and somewhat refreshing and the Vanilla flavour is not over the top. Unfortunately it has a somewhat bitter after-taste. Once that bites it taints the shake leaving a taste of mixed Toffee and Fudge. In my opinion it's still a palatable drink but not all children will like it, so I'd recommend researching into the flavours before purchasing. That said, we'll be purchasing the Chocolate and Strawberry mixes to try them in the very near future as we want to get on top of Lissy's fight with the fuss monsters and this could be a key tool into winning the fight.
One thing to note is the drink can be filling to smaller tummies. Lissy drank a whole glass of the shake shortly after she told us her tummy was full. This may be due to her being a smaller four year old but it may cause children to not want their lunch or dinner so consider this when using the recommended two glasses a day!

To wrap up the shake is not the worst product out there for fussy eaters but I hope the manufacturers produce tester powder pots or pre mixed bottles so parents can try all three flavours and work out what's best for your children. If used with the 12 week plan it could be a crucial tool to help children beat fussy eating. This is why I'm happy to buy more flavours to restart the 12 week plan with my daughter knowing if we tackle it head on it'll be a worthwhile investment for her future.

Paediasure Shake is suited to children aged 1-10 years old and is available at Boots, The 12 week plan and more information for parents and specialists is available at the Fussy Eaters website.

I'll be happy to awnser any questions about the shake on here or via twitter as @hooker1uk or on Google plus +Paul Hooker


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