Thursday 20 February 2014

Me and Vee's Epic Day out Pt2

Lo' Peeps!

I've split our Epic day out into two parts as I'll be adding more content to the Online safety post soon. 

After we visited the Internet Safety workshops at the The lovely ladies at Frank PR also were able to secure us access to the London Bike show after we completed our sessions at Stratford. With that we said our thanks and pressed on via the Dockland Light Railway, an surreal treat for Vee as they are pretty much automated.  (Dear TFL make specific DLR price tickets for people going to the  ExCel Center, it sucks when I'm charged £8 for wanting to go to 8 stops return, especially as not everyone has an oyster card)  When we got the venue we made it just in time to watch an amazing stunt show from the Animal WD-40 riders, even if Vee complained she could not see too well. On finally walking around the venue we met with many exhibitors, including the #Space4Cycling crew, in light of a road rage incident due to space it felt relevant to us to join in with this important campaign to help keep motorists and cyclists safe, we all deserve respect on the road, despite the numpties who make us all look bad.
Shortly after we bumped into the lovely people from Topeak who may have found the solution for my next phone mount in September, then Islabikes who Vee demanded one of their junior bikes as soon as she can ride properly. I feel she'll be the mad cyclist like me in the future.

Additionally we met up with the team from the Vitus stand, the company responsible for my Naughtybike Vee 1(Yeah I know I talk about it a lot.) They had the Vee 27, Dee 29 and some more amazing bikes on display for people to drool over. I won't lie I want more from the Vitus line soon, It was good to put names to the faces to the people who helped me choose one of the most solid bikes I've ever owned. From Vitus we visited a huge array of stands including lights, helmets, clothes, accessories and security items, including the new invisible DataTag, where the security technology they use on bikes is so advanced it won't damage your frame and all parts can be tagged too, ideal for a high value bike.
Sadly we didn't get a large amount of time at the show especially as everything was a tad rushed on the day but we'll be adding some more pictures onto Facebook and Molome shortly. But in short the day was amazing, from a good morning learning about internet safety and helping educating parents and children to be careful online to Big brown bears, cybermen, top spec bikes and innovative new technology to make cycling safer for everyone who wants to use two wheels. The day was epic!
If you get the chance to visit the London Bike Show 2015 please visit. It'll be worth it, for the novices, mental riders, stunters and general cyclists. You won't be disappointed.


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