Tuesday 7 January 2014

American road trip anyone?

Heya everyone!

I love the thought of the open road, wind blowing through your hair, good music and not a care in the world. From what I've been told it's one of the best feelings in the world, made even better when you've had a day from hell and the road home is long, fast paced and twisty.

But, I wonder how easy it would be to take to the road on holiday. In Europe it's easy from how I understand it however in the USA the car hire market could be confusing to some of us in Blighty, I know too many would dismiss the idea. As they would worry how to arrange everything and a fair amount worry if they'd end up with an old banger with mileage rivalling the latest lottery jackpot, or if something would to go wrong with the car, or worse to be hoodwinked by a less than reputable company. It sounds stressful just thinking about the whole process. Many would be a nervous wreck just trying to work it out, It made me twitchy just looking at some hire services while researching this post.

However there are some fabulous car hire services in the USA that are there to help you get the best from your trip and grant you the flexibility to arrange exactly what you want, from loaning a car to take you Disneyland to arranging an epic road trip across the United States with friends to get away from it all, with the flexibility to drop the car off at a different airport, a simple thing that could turn a rushed holiday into the best excursion ever! The best part is if you plan it right you get the benefits of a large company to support your trip just in case anything should go wrong with the car and you get the most out of your trip without having to pay over the odds for buses, taxis or trains without having to worry about being overcharged for being a tourist, or missing the last bus or train back to your hotel as you were too busy having fun to notice the last bus was at 9:30!

If you were planning an epic all American road trip, tell me where you would go first?


This post was written by myself but produced in association with CarHireMarket 

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