Sunday 5 January 2014

Superuser use on the OT903

Hi all.

This is a post in response to a request on the root achieved post (linky here when i get on the pc) on how to use Superuser.

I'm not an android developer or that clever when it comes to modding Android devices, I can assure you now if you use the bundled tool that came with Eroot on the ot903 you should not have an issue.
Please be aware the binaries are outdated so I say this with no disrespect to the developers of this build, update the version via the Play store, mainly as the online update does not work and the Recovery mode leaves the phone in a frozen state, (trust me I left it for over an hour with no avail)

For now we'll use the application in it's default form as my device died recently, it may be unrecoverable if the battery or charge circuits have failed.

Now from how i understand it, and this could be a very bastardised train of thought, superuser is a tool that grants applications permission to use root access. Now if you're using things like MTK CPU control, (both pro and free are good, will link to playstore soon) font changing utilities and other more complex tools many will require the use root, and thankfully the tool helps you out in a clear fashion.

For instance, when MTK CPU control is used on my device you get a prompt similar to the one posted above, bar looking more like a gingerbread prompt over ICS/jellybean, even in themes. But the setup is similar.

The bundled tool will ask you what you wish to do, grant root permanently, grant root this time, or deny the request. It gives you up to 10 seconds to think before you choose so make sure it's what you want to run in that time. Delaying it may make applications crash due to the way they work, but rest assured on restaring them if all is granted they should work well. I think it's a limitation due to the low memory on the device. So don't worry too much on crashing. If the device crashes you can easilly reflash with the tools on alcatel's website.

This is about as much as I know about the tool itself, so sorry it's not a concise response but i hope it helps for now.


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