Wednesday 8 January 2014

A quick shoutout!

I've got family in Austraila and it's always been a mission to go and see them and it'll happen one day, even if it bankrupts me I will get there! However through the world of social media I speak to them every now and again.

A few weeks back a family member posted a shared status from Discovery Holiday Parks - Whyalla Foreshore. offering the Charity Heartkids South Austraila $1000 if they get 1000 likes by a certain time. Well I shared it as I know Heartkids have supported the family in Aus so was happy to try and share and get a good charity some money.

Sadly they didn't make the 1000 likes, and on the last look they were at 952, oh noes, close but no cigar, however. Discovery holiday parks decided to go above and beyond and still gave Heartkids S.A. the promised $1000 and organising a sausage sizzle with all proceeds going to Heartkids S.A. too

I would just like to say thanks to Discovery Holiday Parks for doing this, it's fantastic to see a company be so amazing. Thanks greatly

Please, go onto their facebook page and say thanks


  1. Aww so lovely to hear of a company not only honouring their word despite not meeting the target but going above and beyond. Restored my faith in good customer relations.

  2. What a lovely thing to hear, and I hope that they have a wonderful time at the sausage sizzle

  3. A heart-warming story - with sausages to boot!

  4. Now that's a company that knows the value of looking after people. Great thing to do.

  5. What a wonderful company. It is lovely to hear some are still good deep down!

  6. So glad to see a shout out for the good guys. Restores faith in human kind - better publicity than if they had actually got their goal!