Monday 11 November 2013

Youtube G+ fail

What a cockup!

To many content creators we have have accounts for our youtube channel, some of these created when youtube began. Many welcome some updates and improvements bought to the world since Google took over once they realised Google Video was a bag of poop, unless you want to download content.

However they have been asking people to join Google plus and add their channel to G+

Now while I'm not too bothered about the G+ integration in some ways as it's helpful for bloggers I see a clusterfunk of issues when it comes to youtube.

One of them being the damage G+intergration does to existing accounts. We can still create content but we cannot comment to other users. which means if you refuse to switch over your channel loses out through interaction, this could kill a popular youtubers channel if not careful. I'm in no doubt it'll even affect the mega partners on the networks. (RWJ?)

One problem i also see through the videos of Dibber is the links you can now add to YTComments, something which youtube originally nixed in previous updates. But since cosmic panda it all went to pot.

The sub box is b0rked, I see none of my subscribers and lose out on videos, Tubers who rely on the adsense lose revenue and it kills everyone. Including the advertisers.

The community in general hate it. This Sweary video says it all really!
                                !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SWEARY AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll elaborate tomorrow but my opinion on it is.

Google, Fix youtube, restore it to its former glory. Even liveleak works better than you do!

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