Monday 11 November 2013

Oh where to go?

Evening all,

Recently I've been looking into taking a break with the wife for a few days after the New Year and I’ll be honest, I've not been impressed with the choices we first looked into. She wants a five star hotel where I'm happy to camp, even in winter. Yes, indeed I'm mad you don’t need to remind me of this, however we have both agreed to disagree we will be spending a few days in a hotel, not a tent. Unless I wish to sleep in the bathtub from now until the age of 32!

This leaves a problem for me. I'm a family oriented person. I plan things meticulously to involve the children. And a break no matter the duration has to have the screams of monsters in the background somewhere. But somehow we've been told to spoil ourselves as the kids will be going to the grandparents and aunties for the weekend, which made the deal even sweeter to me!

That’s amazing but leaves me with an issue. Where do we go now as I was planning a little seaside weekend on the cheap!? I admit I panicked, fussing too much about disability access as well as finding somewhere we could enjoy ourselves too. I had imagined it would be a lot of hassle for a few days away and was thinking of canning the idea. Well until it was suggested we take a look at travelzoo for City Breaks tailoredto our needs, If you don’t know, Travelzoo us a holiday deal website, where you can select holidays, short breaks and even city breaks like the ones we’re looking at with great ease, they list the breaks and their providers for you to make an educated choice on what you want, where you want it and at a cost happy to you.

On going through the site I was impressed at the vast choice of cities we had on offer within a few clicks and provision of an email address. The added bonus was how family friendly many places were available if we were to change our minds and take the kids with us. Yeah I’ll probably want to take the screamers with me! I’d miss them too much.
While choosing our little weekend when we browsed I noticed Travelzoo provided just the right amount of initial information for us to be able to work out what would be best for us, compared to another site we browsed where everything was in your face, I was happy as Travelzoo seemed more relaxed to browse compared to other similar sites, some seemed happy to barrage the end user with popup ad’s and annoying non related adverts, something that seriously distracts from using a website in my eyes.

We've not decided where we’re staying yet but the options we've looked at have made the prospect of going once decided that little more sweeter.

If you were offered the choice of any city breaks, no matter where it may be, Where would you go and who would you take with you?


Disclosure: This post is written in association with Travelzoo,

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