Thursday 7 November 2013

Throwback Thursday

Well. This is a strange one today,

This week I was given my fathers old cellphone today and thought I'd give you a treat from 2003. Here is the Nokia 3510i.

A pioneering device from when Nokia acutally made hardcore devices for all sectors, what makes this device more epic is it's one of the first Symbian s40 colour devices sold in the masses, including the variants for CDMA and AMPS, yes many versions were created.
On top of this it was also one of the first phones I knew of that came in with either a mono (3510) or colour (3510i) display and Polyphonic(marketing buzzwork for Midi music files)

This phone has been shelved since my father passed away, but surprisingly on sunday when i charged it it worked fantastically. And has lasted on one charge since.

The screen is clear and bright, well as bright as any nokia was in 2003. The only thing missing which i will be sorting if i can find my fbus data cables is Snake.

The point of this post is the memories. My old man struggled with technology, where i feel he would have thrived now as things get easier to use over time. But he did get a good easy to use device.

Now onto a question for you.

What older device do you miss or still use to this day?

P.S. This phone is going to be a special project device for a post i've got on Dadzclub.


  1. we were tidying up the loft the other week and found a draw full of nokia's pre iphone days. was desperate for one to have some battery left so we could have a game of snake!

    1. Grab some photos of them. I love me old nokia's. Want a way to charge them without a charger?

  2. I had that phone it was what my wedding photos were taken on. I don't think I miss anything tbh - floppy disk drives maybe.

  3. Papasaurus still has the really old skool chunky Nokia - pre-polyphonic ring tones. Not that he ever uses it - but I have to admit it's battery last a fortnight - unlike me smartphone that can only go 24 hours tops!

  4. Nokia 3510! Never owned one but i remember them well. I had an Alcatel back then as i wasted to be different.
    No old phone around our house...Oh wait. Kara is using a Siemens one as play but no idea what number it is.

  5. I loved my 3510, it got stolen and had to be replaced by the phone you've got. My step-dad still uses it now, still going strong. Barely needs charging, does what he wants it to do (phone calls, odd text), brilliant phone. Oh Nokia, what went wrong?!