Monday 8 July 2013

PC Gaming! Back Atcha!

Morning all.

Between writing posts I've been playing some old PC games, Doom, The Legacy, Sam and Max hit the road and Pinball Fantasies. They always seem to chill me out somewhat when stressed. But I always get grumbled at for pulling the old IBM PS/2 model 70 out of the shoe cupboard due to the mess I cause in the process.

I've been told by the wife I'm to leave it in there until we move now. To say I'm gutted is an understatement. Trust me, It's sad. But I have to keep tidy while were planning to move I suppose.

This morning I was sent a link to Green Man Gaming, A site you can buy some epic games from companies like Square-Enix, Sega, Ubisoft and more. If you like old school games like me. This will be a heavenly reminiscence. With classic games rejigged to run on newer computers without the need for the old Pc, Dosbox or old console which could be a lucky dip if it works.

Looking more into the site you have a wide list of new games, including the top 10 pc games, Including Independent game houses. This is refreshing to see as many indie game houses are shunned by games sites. It's a true step in the right direction for games.

Looking for a certain genre? Trust me many are covered, from shoot em up's to family games and many more too.

Before you console owners begin to feel unloved. I love my consoles too. I'm happy to tell you that Xbox 360 and Playstation3 games are available on GMG too.

At any time you grow bored of a game you can easily sell it back to GreenMan Gaming with little hassle through their trade in pages. If you use the Capsule tool it gives you an online store right on your pc desktop, with many titles available to download and play within the tool. And again if you get bored of a title you can trade in directly from the program too

One thing I noticed which I liked a lot is how the staff are willing to put their hands up and admit fault when things don't go right.

What do you prefer: Console, Retro, PC, or other games? Tell us in the comments.


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