Sunday 7 July 2013


I have an Alcatel OT 6010x One touch star.

I was beginning to fall for her, calling the phone betty! Despite it's overheating issue (I'm told a firmware is on way to fix this) and no lock on the SD card slot/holder, so it unmounted every time your phone moves in a baggy pocket.

Sadly the affair has ended. Betty died shortly after replying to alcatel that I was to do a review on her.

It seems the build quality is not the best. While bending down to pick up the laundry basket I heard the classic SD card unmount warning noise. Pick phone out of pocket when I put it back down again, the screen is blank. I don't worry, thinking it's remounted and gone back to sleep.

Nope the internal Amoled LCD has cracked, only visible in certain angles and light. The gorilla glass worked but the screen could not cope with a small amount of flex.

Back to the xperia Miro for me then.



There will be a proper review of the phone this week. I just want alcatel to know the phone has died through what I suspect to be poor build quality.

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