Sunday 7 July 2013

My thoughts on #BountyMutiny.

Oh my word. What a few days.

I've been catching up on the shitstorm that is the BountyMutiny.

What's that? Bounty a parenting company who give all mums a bounty pack with useful bits inside when pregnant. Then another on birth of lilun and more down the road too.

Some of the bits are useful and some bits are tosh. As I've not seen one in a while I cannot say how good they are. Some bits annoy people too, Like the photographers from bounty who are on commission to sell photos to you.
I feel for the people doing the job as many do it for the money and probably know that asking you for a photo of your baby is not always on the cards. I know when the bounty lady came to our room she got a bit of a shock. Partner recovering from emergency surgery, wires and mess everywhere. Baby ill in my arms, only resuscitated 4 hours beforehand and not wanting to feed, me stressed and trying to hold it together wondering what the flying duck just happened?

I politely declined the offer, explaining to her why. She came back 2 days later checking if we were ok now. Yes she tried a sales pitch which went down like a lead balloon in a mooncup. She was understanding and I understood she was only doing her job too. No problems.

However some are pushy, targets are probably hard to manage these days. I feel for the staff doing this job these days. It must be harder with the mutiny over their heads.

Also I feel for the NHS.

Have the people who thought this through wondered how the NHS would cope without it's small amount of money the bounty contracts may bring in each year?

It may be a few thousand a year but stone me dead the NHS is being shafted from behind by the government right now and needs little bit of help it can get. Instead of dumping this funding opportunity, sit around a table sort the issues out and make it work for the NHS, Bounty and the people in maternity wards.

The NHS saved my baby girls life. If £1000 from bounty helped in the effort I have no issue saying no thank you to a sales person.
It's also caused huge rows on twitter which i won't go into but screw me sideways it's grizzly.

The NHS needs protecting and saving for what they do is amazing.

There are more important things to fight over, a salesperson taking a  cheesy photo with a low end DSLR is not one of them.


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  1. I just want to say one thing.

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