Thursday 4 July 2013

Solving the Kid's Disasters: Fixing their Wrongdoings in your Home

Have you ever popped upstairs to do something and come back down to find crayon all over the wall or a toilet roll stuffed down the loo? Every child has done, or will do, something during their infant years and if they don't, you're one of the lucky ones.

The good thing is that most issues can be fixed without much, if any, detriment to your home interior.

A Blocked Toilet

While blockages are a common issue regardless, having children can increase your chances of an overflowing loo. Knowing what to do if you have a blocked toilet can save you a lot of hassle and while calling a plumber or Dyno is sometimes inevitable, most of the time, callout fees can be avoided if you are willing to do it yourself.

Shifting a blockage that your child has caused will probably not require the wonders of bleach, because it's probably not biodegradable. It's more likely to be half a packet of baby wipes or the inside of a toilet roll with the rest of the toilet paper stuffed on top of it. Invest in a plunger for this and some rubber gloves.

Crayon on walls

Your kids may think that their art is nothing short of a masterpiece but all you can think is that your walls are not a canvas. While the easy option would be to paint over it, you may wish to try removing it before reaching for the paintbrush. The humble baby wipe or even a rolled up piece of bread can often help to shift a stubborn crayon or felt tip squiggle.

Nail Varnish on the Carpets

You may be asking yourself how they got it but the simple answer is, they just did. All you have to do is try and get it out of the shag pile which will likely require a lot of nail varnish remover and a great deal of elbow grease.

Sharpie on the Sideboard

We can handle it when it's a felt tip pen that will clean off but when our little cherubs manage to get permanent marker on our antique wooden furniture, it's more of a challenge. Apparently, drawing over the marker with a dry erase marker then wiping off with a paper towel will do the trick.

We all love our kids dearly but we also know they can be real tinkers sometimes. Cover their tracks with these helpful tips. 

Have you got any other tips you would like to share? Tell me in the comments, the best will be added to the post. 


Disclosure. This post was produced in association with Dyno. 

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  1. Brilliant tip for removing Sharpie! I'm doubting it'll work on the emulsion in my hallway, but it's a miracle we haven't yet had it on any of the furniture (never allow teenagers and pre-schoolers to share living space - they all pinch everyone else's stuff!).