Tuesday 30 July 2013

An Epic Roadtrip!

 Hi all.

Today I want to tell you a story. It's an epic tale of events on a road trip.
If you've heard of Mike Nnemonic or the original flash from Leileilol. Then i'm sure you know the tale already

 One glorious sunny day I decide to have a road trip!  The roads were clear and my car was perfect. Mike oldfield blasting on the stereo, and a motorway in sight.But how on earth did I go on the M6 toll?
I'm driving down the road on an epic road tripSome idiot in a truck cuts me so............

Naturally I flip him the bird Yeah!                

Then I see a booth. I hope they have change!

I need exact change only says the attendant!
Can you break a Fiver? 
 Maate! I said exact change only!
I've only got a 5 and 50 pound note on me!
He said rudely! Exact change only Stupid!

Screw you mate! *flips bird* Let me through
 Yeah That's gonna happen chump. In fact
I'm calling the police on you!
 *snaps* Punch! 

Then Suddenly I woke up, thanks to a slap for turning around and squishing the wife! 

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