Tuesday 30 July 2013

Giving the living room some love.

Hi all. 

It may be school holiday time, but. My oh my project tidy is coming into full swing finally.
Just some painting, filling old holes and little cosmetic bits are nearly done and the living room will be back to it's former glory.

However, this weekend I sat down and looked at the room as it is. And as happy as I am with the progress we've made in the living room I could not help but see it’s missing something, A little word called Love.
The one little word, love can turn a sterile, boring living space place into a cosy, warm place full of character. Making it a fab little place to enjoy family time, have friends round for dinner or even watching a box set marathon or playing video games with the kids!

But how does a bloke with minimal style sense go about and make a place a home? For me a home is a place with internet access wherever I can sit. So this was going to be a difficult one to pull off.
I looked online at many “home style” websites. Yes, the pictures looked pretty but the thing that concerned me here was if I were to style our living room like some of these “style” publications I’m sure the effort required to tidy these living areas up would become a huge chore with three children and a disabled partner. So I spoke to my sister in law, a clever lady who has a real talent for making an empty shell homely and loved.

“You Muppet try cushions” she exclaimed to me, as she said it I wondered why I’d not thought about it. So I went looking. The local home places were OK but lacked something, the ability to be child proof, with a 4, 5 and 13 year old they will take quite an amount of stick. I recently found K&Co. this morning.  Within moments I was presented with a wide selection of cushions, throws and other lovely bits to help make our living room become awesome again. I've found some amazing purple throws for the chairs, a fox cushion for my corner chair (the corner of the room for relaxing before their bed time), Lola cushions for the leather chairs and a batman cushion for the girls

I feel the brownie points will increase somewhat this week once I've ordered them. 
Which beings me to ask. If you’re thinking of changing the look of your living room, what would you do to make it fantastic?

Disclaimer: This post is written in association with K&Co

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