Wednesday 19 June 2013 Review

Evening all.

I've been in a bit of a tizz recently. The batteries in my camera were becoming useless. Although at a year old I know they had taken a beating from both me and the kids. As sad as it was I knew it was time to replace them. after buying duds on ebay a friend suggested I try, an online store for all types of batteries from the standard AAA and AA to huge sealed lead acid batteries.  , chargers, USB power banks and testing tools.

I was not too sure what type to choose, last time I had to do this I walked out of a local store with a very light wallet and low par performance as a result. I called their land-line number (no 0845 rubbish here) and spent around ten minutes on the phone with a member of their team. They were extremely friendly, understanding my needs. we ended up agreeing on a set of Energizer batteries with smart charger. I'll tell you what I think of the package after BritMums.

One thing they also mentioned on the phone to me was to look through the FAQ's and Charge time information as they had all the information there in one place for everyone. Especially moose's who fail to read instructions

I'll update the post on Monday on how good the batteries and charger are.
While we wait for that I'll ask do you use rechargeable batteries and are you happy with them?


This post was written for, but the views in the post are from my experiences through purchasing with them.

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  1. Looking forrward to hearing of your success or otherwise. I've had a run of bad luck with so called rechargeable batteries. Had some 3000MhA AA batteries a few years ago that worked really well. Any recommendation for AA's would be appreciated.