Monday 10 June 2013

Holiday madness.

Hi all.

It's been a strange week. I received a phone call from the in laws to say they want to borrow the smalls over the school holidays and take them away. Woohoo! Then they dropped the ball. "Our internet is down, could you look on the net for some good deals?" Of course I can… Well if I knew what I was looking for that it! So my challenge for the day was set!

I Panicked going straight went online clueless. Thankfully I searched for holiday comparison sites and found my way to, a holiday comparison site with many choices and options including Disney holidays, Ski Breaks, Hen and stag weekenders, cruises and much more too. Everyone could find a holiday easily here. While browsing the site you are presented with a simple interface with many options which were complimented by country and region, dates and flexibility, the duration of the holiday even down to the most convenient or local airport available is listed.
Depending on your choice you will find multiple deals available for you and your holiday needs, suitable for families on a budget, party goers looking for the latest rave up to couples wanting to spend a quiet weekend away from the kids. All options, including Disney can be covered in a no nonsense layout with clear information you receive on you've searched.

How does it work?
I knew you were going to ask this. IceLolly scours the web hunting out a good deal for you and your requirements finding licensed and approved travel agents so you can work out what is the best choice for your needs. In some cases you may receive multiple results for the same resort but from different providers. This could bring more substantial savings to you.

Once you find the holiday package you are happy with, call the agents on a dedicated phone number to discuss the package with them, quoting the reference provided with the package.

I don’t have internet on a computer. Can I use my phone to look?
Yes indeed. On testing with an ipad, android phone and basic nokia it opened up a perfectly scaled mobile page. It’s safe to say if you only have a mobile you’re very well covered.  

I need a car. Can they help me?
That’s already covered. Just click the link at the top of each Ice Lolly page for quotes on car hire around the many resorts available.

How do I tell what the resort will look like?
Each resort has a ‘Hotel information’ link has specific information services and facilities available on each resort. Including: the star rating, food provided facilities within the hotels, Pools information and entertainment for families.

I'm happy to say the site is easy to use with all information presented in a clear and concise manner to help you choose the perfect holiday for you, no matter the location. Tell me what you think of Icelolly


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