Thursday 4 April 2013

Giveaway! See you at the Mums Show Live

Hi All.

I'm really proud and awesomely excited to announce that the Imwellconfused team will be attending the Mums Show Live in London and talking in the Conversation Theatre on the 18th May.

Yep! I'm talking in the conversation theatre about the birds and the bees. Does 'the talk' give you the fear?
Does your child entering puberty make you cringe?, Worried about how to talk about all things puberty and sex with your children? Well I'm no expert. But we do have Betty Herbert, author of The 52 seductions on the panel with me as well as Karen Hopkinson and Justin Hancock. All awesome people from researching them this week

The Birds and the bees is not just giving your child the talk when you catch them looking at something they shouldn't be or doing something we all did when we were young. (if you didn't get caught you're a very sneaky ninja) It's also in my eyes guidance and support when your child(ren) become comfortable with themselves and begin to understand themselves in a non discriminative manner.
Joking aside I'll also give my opinion on all things birds and the bees, including sexuality and my personal response to coming out. It's not such a big thing in 2013 is it?

I am really excited to get the chance to explore all the amazing companies who will be there. I won't name many so people don't think I'm choosing Favourites. But the Tree house from Littlebird sounds like a ton of fun for both parents and children alike. I know I'll be eyeing up the DC thomson and Scalextric stands. Toy cars and comics. Awesome. I'm thinking of coming alone just so I can play all day!

I've been told by the wife to take lots of cash for the marketplace, have lots of fun talking in the Conversation Theatres and chill with the best of the tots100 crew *innit bloggablud*
On top of that we have some great show categories, two of which I've mentioned above already! 

If you want to come to the Mums Show Live on the 16th -19th May. I may be able to help you there as I have a pair of tickets to give away to you, my lovely readers.

For those who can't wait you can buy tickets on-line now. And receive a discount when you add the code BLOGOFF at checkout. Children are very welcome too but be aware that some of the conversation theatres may contain adult themes so check before attending the theatre.
Good luck people.

Hope to see you there.

Terms and conditions are in the competition tool above

P.S. I openly invite parents to come and meet me on the 18th. If you want to meet me to discus baby loss/miscarriage I will be wondering about all day and willing to talk, offer advice and offer handshakes or hugs if needed tweet me on @hooker1uk for more info!


  1. I've been following this Mums Show site for a while now - I want to go as we've finally left the murky world of Mother and Baby Shows, and it's great to have something targeted at us. Although I fear the amount of money I'll spend. I really do...

  2. Tired Mummy of Two11 April 2013 at 07:16

    To see you speak obviously ohh and to mooch with brands which is what i do best :)

  3. I would love to come! Sounds like there will be so many things to choose to see on the day. Good luck with your gig :-) @Damson_Lane

  4. Don't forget to use the rafflecopter tool to tell us you've entered (you need to do this or you may miss out!