Wednesday 20 March 2013

Kensworth, Studham and Whipsnade

I'm asking for your help.

I'm well aware the internet in the three villages is an absolute shambles thanks to the way BT treats rural users.

Did you however know that BT could enable ADSL2+  at the exchange between my usual checks on samknows?
Thought not. many villages are stuck on "up to 2mb" services or worse "national" products which cost a lot more as BT have a monopoly on the exchange with no Unbundling services.

More insulting a 3 mobile broadband stick can hit 6mb download and 6Mb upload. (when you pay £20 a month for the all you can eat that's a good deal if you find the direction of the mast..... I have them mapped for you)

I want to help you a bit here. but I need your input.

If you have internet through a BT line (EVEN IF BT ARE NOT WHO YOU PAY)

Visit click yes at the bottom of the page and click run test.

Please could you write these tests down and post them here as a comment please.

If you are on mobile broadband please visit and run a test and do the same please.

With these results I'm hoping to try and help people in the three villages get better broadband, and make it work better for them too. And make BT unbundle so you can get the same goodies as others, at the same price as the rest of us.



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