Thursday 21 March 2013

Giving up the smokes?

Today I want to talk to you about a little situation that happened this morning. Which wound me up a bit.

Sat there waiting for the bus with the smalls for someone to come under the shelter with us and immediately spark up a cigarette, meaning we have to go out to keep the kids away from the direct attack of second hand smoke.

What made me laugh was the gentleman who scoffed at me "I'm sorry I've been trying to quit but it's not gone too well." Indeed it's not a laughing point for those who struggle to stop smoking, but the smokes have a hold and won't let go without a fight. 

Well. The European Union is running a campaign called Ex Smokers are Unstoppable to try and help you win the fight by using the most important tool in your pocket. No, not your lighter. Your smartphone you moose! And using your smartphone you can become your own coach to a smoke free life with the iCoach app. 

The iCoach app has 5 different phases which seem to be aimed at those who want to quit but have not began the journey to quitting smoking 
Phase 1: I do not plan on stopping

Phase 2: I should stop, but I am still in doubt

Phase 3: I will stop smoking shortly

Phase 4: I have just stopped

Phase 5: I have stopped for some time now

The iCoach mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices for free!
no word support on Blackberry, Symbian or Windows Phone. 

For many it could be the start of something beautiful and not just in their wallets. And the coaching will require time and will power. But if you succeed with this imagine what else you can achieve!
What's more the Unstoppable team has the support of football team FC Barcelona (Yes! Eye candy) and even support available on Facebook too

If you have kids or just want to break away from the chains of your Ciggy pack. Here is your chance. 


Disclosure this is a sponsored post. 

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