Monday 8 October 2012

#Musicmonday Guilty Pleasure

C'mon Where is your song. The one you hide in the closet. Yep, that one.

We all have a song which is a pure guilty pleasure. We know it's cheesy or even rude but we love it lots.

Well today me and t'wife have both been thinking about this.

And we've got a pair for you.

Jess chose a total cheese fest. No words can be said about the cheese content. Bar it's fookin everywhere! ARGH!
Appleton - Fantasy

Now for mine. And a trip to the 80's!
It sounded like "Hot dog, jumping far, have a cookie". and "vodka and vodka and vodka and vodka yeah" Which still sounds better than the original lyrics.
The king of rock and roll, by Prefab sprout

The more guilty pleasure is I BOUGHT this track off Nokia music too. Y'know the service they can't make there minds up if there going to kill it or not.....


  1. I always used to get prefab sprout and deacon blue confused! I liked that song when it came out- not come across the Appleton one and not sure am brave enough to press play....

    My guilty pleasure would be 'One Way' by The Levelers. They annoy me now, but I loved that song as a 16 year old student and if I hear it after the requisite number of beers I will happily and loudly sing along!

  2. Ha! As a kid I always thought it was Hot dog, Jumping frog, Albert cookie!