Wednesday 3 October 2012

Cycle Ninja's

Evening all.
This post comes to you from personal experience of both dealing with and being the Cycle Ninja.

The Cycle Ninja comes out at night, armed with a pushbike, dark clothing no lights and a deathwish, these night dwellers do not keep the streets safe. HELL BLOODY NO they cause chaos by cycling on the road in the darkest of nights at the worst times possible. In some cases getting killed as a result.

For instance. When working at a place on the Luton/Dunstable boarder I had to deal with at least 3 daily, all going the same way. leaving a fat grump going the same way trying to illuminate the other three.
after 3/4 days I got fed up of this and overtook them, leaving them to the whim of the mental drivers going from our town to the motorway. Thankfully none were hurt from what i can gather, but luck runs out people. I for one would hate to have died from being unlit on a dark road or die because a ninja causes an accident. (Remember, to some motorists we are "just cyclists")

Now before people say to me they can't afford a set of lights. In this day that it utter balls.
A visit to Pound shop, armed with £3 is enough to buy Batteries and both front and back lighs. Yes they will fail a damn sight faster than a £30 set from a dedicated bike shop like Chain Reaction Cycles, Halfords or Cyclelife Dunstable. But these will be enough as a start. If splashing £30 is too much many sites do a decent front and rear set for £10. I will link to a few below

I get throughly annoyed when parents let children use bikes late at night with no lights, but. Realize we can't leash our kids. Most do get that being seen is important at night and could keep them alive. but to those who ride without lights you are only encouraging your kids to potentially do the same. And yes I was the ninja when younger. Totaling a £900 bike in the process

A bike can set you back a lot of money if you invest in a good one (not these £50 pile of junk from Indonesia sold through supermarkets and dodgy places that sell "ex catalouge bikes" cheaply) I for one would be ensuring I am visible and safe when on the roads.

I Say this as I witnessed on friday night coming home from the MADS at about 1AM through Leagrave no more than 5 Ninja cyclists, including a near miss sandwiching me and a ninja between a van. (thank the baby jebus the oncoming lane was clear for me to emergency overtake at speed, otherwise the ninja's actions would have injured both me and him)

Keep yourself protected at night. After all nobody else can.

Disclaimer. This is not an advertisement post. far from it. I would be happy to know this post has stopped your child, father, mother, lover, family member, best friend or even enemy from being killed.

Companies i have mentioned here are ones I have remembered off the top of my head, and as a result of this I will link to some sites below with full light sets available cheaply.  If the website wishes for these to be removed as there are other companies listed too. Jog on. This is not for you guys! It's for the protection of my followers and there families (the links are outdated, I'll update them this evening)

Chain reaction cycles (cheapest full set £10 - budget fall apart in weeks set £3) 
Halfords - cheapest decent set £15
Argos - they have some from £6 - spend more than that please
Evans Cycles 

Please buy lights. I'm not demanding the full hi viz here, just a light to say you are there!


2014 Update:

I must urge again people grab a set of lights, £3 is not a lot of money and to be seen and safe is more important that becoming squished under a car. I'm not one of those cyclists who will tell the world what to do with exception of lights, the days are getting darker and too many people risk their lives with this.
If the police used a similar Operation Safeway throught the UK not just the MET how well it would work?
Thoughts please


  1. DD has some ace lights from Amazon, knog frog, small, easy to put on and off and bright!

  2. Dear Paul. I think I just fell in love reading this post.
    Poundland lights work for years but its would actually need to be four squid so you can buy some electrical tape (or gaffa if they sell it) to attach the lights to your bike. The lights are fine, the mountings are pants.