Saturday 15 September 2012

Sad to be leaving you Nokia

It's time to move on. 

I'm sorry, Nokia. I truly am saddened by this decision.

I've sold my E6 and C3-01 and purchased a Huawei Ascend P1s( the s does not stand for 'Sorry. Not 4g')

Why have I done this you may ask, what's made a Nokia purist (as called by some) move to android. An OS which i hated in the LG optimus1?

Here's the situation. I've owned Nokia phones since the emergence of GSM devices in the UK and loved and hated them in some cases. But since the move to Windows phone with Elop. They've made (in my eyes) a humongous mess of things.

I wanted the pureview. however Nokia sold the WP7 platform to the networks over the 41megapixel-oversampling megaphone with Symbian which people wanted. leaving many lost for words.
Then decided to ditch this technology and make a different tech for lumia handsets with the same name.

Then the marketing. The pureview 808 was used for allsorts of photographic goodness, sadly most of this was highlighted by sites like Symbian tweet, all about Symbian and others.
When the lumia was marketed they were using films shot on the N8 to advertise the lumia 800. (every day on* channel five for a few weeks) many thought the lumia made these films/productions when the aging N8 was the star.
Whereas now they hide behind a professional film crew and photoshop to demonstrate the lumia 920's power without using the lumia's sensor. That sucks balls.

The final nail in the coffin was the face current lumia owners could not update to Windows phone 8, but are still "supported with windows phone7.7" or something silly. Also apple style marketing BS on why the lumia 920 does not have SD functionality sounds pathetic unless your an apple fanboi.

At this same time unlocked/vanilla Symbian belle devices are stuck waiting for updates to fix bugs that previous updates caused. and telling us the same BS, then claiming the device is network branded (i won it in a compo, it's vanilla according to your repair team)

Sadly Nokia. I see why Ricky Cadden and Dr Rita El Khoury Both got fed up with Nokia, causing them to close the site they both ran together (with a lot of awesome writers),  With quotes like these From Ricky "I can’t continue to support a manufacturer who puts out such craptastic ‘flagships’ as the N97, and who expects me to use services that even most of Nokia’s own employees don’t use"
and from Rita, "I swear I could get a VISA, buy an airplane ticket, travel to Texas and talk to Ricky in person before Nokia Messaging for IM loads and opens a conversation with him on my N97 Mini." In their Final blogpost on Symbian guru (archived) I really suggest you read it, as it's a scary insight into the woes of the average symbian user. This should have been the wake up call to Nokia. But it seems this was not. Especially looking back at the mess they made of the belle updates, (E6 users have been forgot about once. Then it happened again this month)
 (Note: this part of the post has been edited)

Well for the next 2 year i'm staying on Android. (currently Ice cream Sandwich) and while I am. Please nokia listen to the fat git who Loves Symbian and Nokia. Being on android makes me feel like i'm cheating on you. but I have no choice. I only have my E71 left here as the floozy phone for blog events i attend.

you have two years to turn it around. make Nokia amazeballs again please. Right now it looks impressive, but still looks uncertain for many people.

I still love you nokia. that will never end. but for now it's time for us to take some time apart.


Thanks to Ricky Cadden and Dr Rita El Khoury for allowing me to quote them over on the archive at  Symbian-guru

Drop them a visit at MobileRNR, Or Phonearena

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