Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Bestest Postcard EVER!

Have you had one of those days which fill you with glee and makes that happy feeling stick for days?
I'm having one now.

Monday morning we received a postcard for Vee. This was not the usual, health service time for jabs junk. This was from the staff in the School's Nursery and Reception class.

This is one of many things I love about the school.

The staff genuinely care about all pupils, from joining nursery to the day they leave for middle school, they are a dedicated bunch.

I want to thank the Nursery staff for what Vee calls "The Bestest Postcard EVER!" And also thank the school for setting up the nursery and reception classes where they have a dedicated team of teachers and assistants who work in both classes so the children are not put out too much in the transition from part time to full time.

Do other schools do this? If they do, let me know



  1. How thoughtful of them....I hope when Emmy is that age her teachers are as kind

  2. That is so nice, a little touch that welcomes a child to school and shows they care. I wish all schools were so thoughtful