Saturday 5 November 2011

You ain't my dad!

The post title is one phrase that scares the living god out of me, I've been there before and know the effects of this word too well. That is probably why it scares me so much.

It's no secret my son is my non bio son, (stepson) who through my relationship with my partner he's chosen me as his dad instead of just Paul. And so with that i treat him no different to the toddlers.

The only problem i see is our attitude clashes. If it were not though DNA we're identical in this attitude and our ideas. which leads for some very colourful arguments, especially when we both know there is an ace in his pocket with the following sentence, "You're not my dad!" I'll never be ready for it truthfully but, at the same time I know one day it'll come, and it'll probably kill me, but thrashing the bike to kingdom come will keep the mood away.

Also while I'm armed it may come I'm ready to shove the mini moose into my arms for a huge hug once the argument is over. Mainly to reassure him all is OK, and secondly to show him his sperm doner (twattish feckwit) is not the one holding him tight and keeping him safe from harm also the fact I'd happily take the bullet for all my kids, or even do bird (jail time)for them if i need to.

Do other parents worry about this position?
Should I man up about it?
Or take it in my stride? I would love people from all sides to comment here,

Paul    (still broken faced somewhat)

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