Saturday 5 November 2011

Quick atchup

Evening all.

Today is the first post in a while, after a crap few weeks. including, death, road accidents through stupidity and movember.

all three are important as they have all happened, but. Right now Movember is a priority.

I Joined up with Dadzclub for movember this year and have been doing daily vlogs despite funerals and faceplanting on the road, and still achieving the school run, that's dedication!

The facial fuzz has began to wind me up somewhat, as is windows movie maker and Adobe Premiere Pro..
But it's all for charity, and a way to say to cancer. OI, MOTHERTRUCKER. YOU AIN'T TAKING MY FATHER IN LAW YOU ASSHAT!!!!!!!1!!1!!!

Yes I've refrained from swearing much as i could here, as my FIL has flipped the bird to cancer and pretty much beaten it now which makes me happy somewhat!

Could you donate a pound or five to my movember page, I'll love you long time if you do. Also donate more and I'll do something silly on camera, including sing, even if I fail stupidly at the attempt it'll be worth the viewcount won't it?
My Mospace page is below
And my daily videos will be on Dadzclub and my second youtube channel.

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