Tuesday 26 July 2011

Shy Kids and a near daddy fail

Heya all

Yesterday was fun. Both Lissy and Vee have been waiting for today to come.

Why it's so special? The monsters had the morning with me in town, for a special purpose.
Meeting a certain builder minus his team or Wendy.

Yep, Bob the Builder was rocking the local Asda we discovered after a disastrous shopping day the week before (thieving gits be banks) The staff asked us about it and even got us a leaflet while we packed the bags. Top lady. 

We get there to see Bob, and my word the most excitable little lady becomes shy, getting upset in my arms. meaning I get to be photographed with bob too! He didn't offer me a job in Sunshine Valley though, boo.
As we leave little Lissy makes a scene, I twig that she wanted bob, as she had been quiet i thought she was shy too and left her in the buggy. OOPS Daddy forgot to get miss shyness out.

Once rectified we had a happy lump, running over to Bob for a hug.  

There will be more pictures soon. I have to scan them or photograph them (molome test 2) first. And maybe more too As i may be taking Vee to see him tomorrow too, she wants to show bob she's not shy this time.

Huge thanks to the Staff, Bob and his minder for giving us a few extra photos, and letting me sneak this one off my own camera (they offer free photos on the 1 hour collection service in store, those to be scanned)
It put a huge smile on the kids faces. and now the DVD's not leaving the player for quite a while.


P.S.Normal posting will resume soon. Have an issue to sort first.

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